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๑۩۩๑ Sє®vє® มาตรฐาน ราคายุติธรรม ๑۩۩๑

Camfrog Distributed Server

Unlimited DDos Protection 100%


Included Features : Server Inter & Server Thai
✤Dedicated Server
✤Best Quality Cam & Audio Streaming
✤Clustered Hosting Multiple Cloud Servers
✤Protected Multiple Cloud Servers
✤Cisco ASA Firewall
✤Unlimited Bandwidth
✤Uplink Port 10 Gbps
✤100% Uptime & Monitoring
✤WebPanel / CDS cPnel / Access Code Included
✤24 hr. Technical Support
✤Fully Managed

✤บริการทุกระบบ Camfrog [CDS=>UDP&TCP,Linux,Windows] กันโจมตี100%
✤รับเปิดห้อง ฝากห้อง คุณภาพ ทุกโซน ราคาถูก
✤ลูกค้าสามารถรันห้องด้วยมือท่านเอง โดยได้รับ Cpnel+code ระบบ CDS=>UDP&TCP
✤ให้เช่า Server Inter & Server Thai 103.7 { Dedicated หรือ Vps ราคาถูก }

Contact :
Sє®vє® By : Chin
☎ 081-3499940 คุณชิน

User Reviews

by JUICY_ISLAND, November 20, 2016
To purchase CDS hosting go to ➥ 100% ( protection against DDoS attacks )

by y0u_me_room, November 20, 2016
Great hosting owl good protection got no trouble ever since. I will recomend to everyone this hosting.

by 99_SPECIAL_MUSIC_99, November 20, 2016

by 45Up_Thai, November 20, 2016
looking for team room 45Up_Thai

by Thai_35up_VIPz, November 20, 2016

by Lookthung_Radio, November 20, 2016
ขอบคุณมากครับ ออนทิ้งไวที่ห้องทั้งคืนไม่มีปัญหา หรือหลุดเลย

by ISLA__TEAM, November 16, 2016
i have been with this straordinary team, and are serious persons, i am happy for now

by camvam_inc, November 07, 2016
owl always has great customer support, and want to make their clients happy. I'm very happy with them. Thank you for all the hard work!

owl famıly
by room142, November 06, 2016
owl team is the best host admin that i have for the past 9 yrs renting a room in camfrog.. very good hosting

Owl Team
by camowl_Inc, November 03, 2016
It's good to be at home just lay down and do nothing.Also holiday is good for life. Go out to fine the real thing in life. Du not only sit and play with computer or Phone so much. Then you will find the Real of life.So love you all to read. and LOVE YOU ALL Owl Family.....

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