CDS Host For You

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The very first CDS hoster on camfrog with new experienced staff !

✔ All services running on 10Gbps Strong customized firewalled servers in DDos protected datacenters
✔ The servers are located globalwide , If 1 site goes down , your room still be up !
✔ Also proven experience with big room / high usernumber hosting.

Prices per month:
50 Users * $25,00
100 Users * $30,00
150 Users * $35,00
200 Users * $40,00
500 Users * $70,00
2000 Users * $250,00


Also infrastructures Available for Roomhosters ! Our smallest setup already for $75,- US a Month.
take a look here > >

★ Payment Options
➥ Paypal
➥ Skrill
➥ Visa or Mastercard
➥ Bank Transfer
➥ IDEAL for some European clients

★ Camfrog Nick: zohjahh
★ Camfrog Nick:_FaRanG_
★ Email:

User Reviews

good server
by Gadis_Manja, April 24, 2018

Most stable and reliable CDS hosting around
by Christmas_Carol, December 27, 2017
Best hosting i ever had in years. No problems. Lag free. Not DDos affected. Can't get it any better. Defenitly not the cheapest around, but for sure the BEST !! Thanks CDSHostForYou Team !!

best hoster
by Xx_mesmerize_xX, December 02, 2017
best hosting ever 5 stars....problem free hosting

excellent hoating
by perfect_strangers, December 02, 2017
Hosting is doing excellent....patience server, friendly, and active always if i need them late at night and im always asking a nunsense question but they have a good answer hahahahaha..........zoh and farang good job...:) kyla owner of perfect strangers.....

Thank you Zohjahh!!!
by DA_BEST, December 02, 2017
Zoh provides the best service and is a great guy!!!! He always provides support above and beyond the rest. Thank you my friend

wow CdsHostingForYou
by Janda_Extreme , November 30, 2017
one years never changing with another server alwas with CdsHostingForYou Great hosting admin good protection got no trouble ever since. I will recomend to everyone this the best services and good team

Simply Great Service.
by Chillax_Lounge, November 10, 2017
Good :)

by Green_Goblins, November 02, 2017
Everything is great thank you!

by 420_vibes4life_420, November 02, 2017
the product is the best on the market It's all about giving the people the amazing connection with this company the video streams is amazingly 100% plus the audio as well.

by Pinoy_at_Pinay_Scandal, November 02, 2017
I define a 'good person' as somebody who is fully conscious of their own limitations.This is you my dear zohjah. aside from the best. he is very honest guy.and you never regret.Thank you so much beautiful soul to take care of my room and help people.

Thank you my good friend
by PINOYS_ABR0AD, March 21, 2017
Thank you for great best hosting I'm so happy I got this keep strong my room . Thanks again zohjahh is a good friend I'm really appreciated all you done . :)

zohjahh we love u u are always the best hoster muwahh good boy
by Room_Manula, February 12, 2017
zohjahh we love u u are always the best hoster muwahh good boy

zohjahh is simply the best hoster on camfrog. and best service You want a room? grabbed him by him
by x_69_position_x, February 12, 2017
zohjahh is simply the best hoster on camfrog. and best service You want a room? grabbed him by him. zohjahh have always good rooms and cds Infra for hosters And servers

10 out of 10.
by Ooo_PINOY_HALOHALO_ooO, February 12, 2017

Keep it up!
by iii_LIVE_LOVE_LAUGH_iii, February 12, 2017
Hosting Service: 2 thumbs up! Assistance: 2 thumbs up! Overall Experience: 2 thumbs up!

best quality ever
by _gezelligheid_, February 11, 2017
I known Zohjahh for years, he has the best camfrogserver .We got what we paid for, and thats Quality for it .

by STUDIO_MYXX, February 11, 2017
In behalf of STUDIO_MYXX we would like to express our deepest APPRECIATION to ZOJAHH for his very PROFESSIONAL SERVICE as well as, SOLID ROOM PERFORMANCE ...We are very SATISFIED WITH ZOJAHH being our server and HIGHLY RECOMMEND him to all the people who inquire about our server....

good service
by xoxWONDERLANDxox, February 11, 2017
I like zohjahh as hosting admin..i really like his service...very much active,.,. I like talking with him he's good..not snober..and I give him 5 stars for his good service...keep it up sir zohjahh thank you for hosting our room

Very Happy after long search for good hoster
by x_hotcams_x, February 11, 2017
Being the first 18+ room on camfrog for like 12 years ago we have tryed many hosters , some where ok , some where bad , But once we found Zohjahh the service was very outstanding and we hope that he keeps on hosting for a long time in this programme !

by Gay_World, February 11, 2017
he is always there when u need to talk to him about rooms and he is there when I have questions to ask him great server hoster and more

Best server ever!!!!
by xo_T4MB4Y4N_W0RLD_ox, February 10, 2017
zohjahh is a great server..... he is always there to help whenever there's a problem or need some answer for some questions... a server you can rely on.. he knows what he is doing... always there to help... best server ever. I highly recommend zohjahh 10 stars for zohjahh :)

Amazing !!!
by Xx___ViP___xX, February 10, 2017
Zohjak is the best hosting i love this man:P :P

by NOTTE_DA_LEONI, January 18, 2017

zohjahh is simply the best hoster on camfrog. and best service
by II_Hot_Girls_for_you_II, October 14, 2016
zohjahh is simply the best hoster on camfrog. and best service You want a room? grabbed him by him

heel fijn
by De_Binnen_Komers, July 16, 2016
zohjahh is the best host admin. Best audio video streaming ever. prompt service and excellent room reliability. He has been my Hosting admin and most of all my friend. Alway there when you need him for something. Usual his service is fast and direct. 5 STARS ARE NOT ENUGHHHHHHHHHH

Good Hosting And Service In mind
by Zexy_Naughty_Girls, July 16, 2016
Zoh is good hosting. He has service in mind. He knows whats needed those insane times of flooding and ddos attacks to keep a room up and running. Usual his service is fast and direct. For sure a hosting i would reccomend to everyone who wants / has a room for fun... and not for frustration !!!

Great Service!!!!!!!
by KARAOKE_rOOM, July 16, 2016
I have known Zohjahh for years. He has been my Hosting admin and most of all my friend. He has gone way beyond the services I paid for and given me so much more. Please don't waste your time buying from other sources. Pick the BEST!!!! Zohjahh

Simply the best
by GayPlanet, May 17, 2016
Zohjahh is awesome, very friendly and helpful, my room is a success, highly recommended!

by Club_PG, February 21, 2016
Zoh is the best server in CF- no doubt about that. Top of the line service you will never go wrong! I have been his client for so long and I have proven that he is the best! He creates good camaraderie with clients no wonder a lot of people love him! I'm proud to be your client! - Miss PG

verry good
by the_ba5ement, February 04, 2016
Zohjahh is hosting our room the_ba5ement. We are more then satisfied with the hosting and the service he offers as a person. Alway there when you need him for something. everything seems to run very stable. We most certainly would recommend zohjahh and his hosting to other people!

by OH_YEAH_SAN_KA_PA_BABY_lt, February 02, 2016
more than great hosting, good people, prompt service and excellent room reliability.

by RPX_KULITAN_INLABAN_RPX, February 01, 2016
Great hosting admin good protection got no trouble ever since. I will recomend to everyone this hosting.

Thumbs up for this hoster, high 5
by 0oO_Qcamber_O_Stocks_Oo0, January 31, 2016
really comfortable and I can definitely recommend it to you, without that hosting camfrog would not make much sense for me anymore as a roomowner, thank you so much zohjahh for all the great years, it is a real pleasure

The best hosting you can get and absolutely reliable
by x_X_o__L_U_S_T__o_X_x, January 31, 2016
Great host with a very personal and individual customer service, also available with good protection, everything is compact for my satisfaction, all technic is been taken care off, for me all that is left over is to make the party going on, really comfortable and very recommendable

by SINGIT_BAR, January 30, 2016
Being the BEST singing room in CF, I found the BEST hosting provider. I would recommend this service to all the other rooms dealing with annoying DOS Attacks. Zo is always there for us and always deals with any problem that comes our way! He stand behinds his work! Great price, Great service!!

AWESOME ~ just simple as that
by 0x0_iTalian_StYLe_0x0, January 30, 2016

Finally !!!!!! yeah
by TRULLO_RELOADED, January 30, 2016
We got what we paid for, and thats Quality and Good manegment. Best audio video streaming ever

by _TRASTO_, January 30, 2016
for me is the best in cf since ever, im with him some years ago because is the BEST with diference,for protection, for service and for prices¡¡¡¡ ty zohjahh

Best Quality ever
by COONFROG, January 30, 2016
Recomend to everyone this hosting , very happy

zohjahh is the best host admin that i have for the past 7yrs renting a room in camfrog....very good hosting

by ISLAND_BAR_AND_GRILL, January 12, 2016
zohjahh is a great hosting admin cds hosting is where i belong ... yay! zohjahh is good and true camfrog very flexible with me and has a great infrastructure...........

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