Frog Fuzion

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★ DDOS Protected cloud servers✔
★ Multiple location cloud servers for low latency✔
★ Camfrog CDS Hosting✔
★ Professional service management✔
★ Full UDP/TCP CDS hosting by request✔
★ More than 200 cloud protected servers✔
★ Cheap Camfrog CDS rooms✔
★ 24/7 Support✔
★ 99% Uptime✔
★ 24/7 DDOS Protection enabled by default✔
» 100 users ➪ $30.00
» 200 users ➪ $50.00
» 300 users ➪ $60.00
» 500 Users ➪ $100.00
» 1,000 users ➪ $150.00
» 2,000 Users ➪ $200.00
» 5,000 Users ➪ $400.00
» 10,000 Users ➪ $550.00
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User Reviews

Excellent service!
by 0_BULACAN_EXITE_FRIENDS_0, April 05, 2014
We are very satisfied with their excellent costumer support. They responded in a timely manner. no downtime issues. keep it up guys!

Top of the LINE!!!
by DJz__PAD, November 25, 2013
As my 5 yrs experience handling a room here at Camfrog Philippines, This server is the most strongest server Ive ever tried.. its so amazing that they can manage 24/7 managing this server.. And specially no other Camfrog Bot will compete with Sir Bone's Bot.. Good Job.. KEEP IT UP & GOD BLESS..

by __JAPANESE__MAFIA__, November 21, 2013
We are very happy to move our room to this company. The support is fast and uptime is amazing!

by xMx_ECW_xMx, November 21, 2013
I am one of the happy and satisfied renter. I just want to give a nice feedback. The flooding issues has been solved and the audio and webcam stream is just perfect!

by xMx_ECW_xMx, November 21, 2013
I am one of the happy and satisfied renter. I just want to give a nice feedback. The flooding issues has been solved and the audio and webcam stream is just perfect!

by _666_LAGIM_SA_IMPYERNO_666_, November 20, 2013

10/10 Amazing
by Xx__Show__Girls__xX, November 14, 2013
The best server:) We had a lot problem before FrogFuzion! Now everythings okay . No more ddos and we'Re satisfied..

by xIIIx_PAMPANGAS_BEST_xIIIx, November 09, 2013
Thank you FF for the fast and reliable service! Like most our "DDOS" protected room was also attacked many times and we were dismayed, but FF solved all our flood issues.. ✓SUPPORT ✓VERY FRIENDLY ADMINS ✓PRICE.. Would we recommend FF? ☑ HECK YEAH! ☐ NO Keep it up!

by C______H______IiI______L______L, October 25, 2013
Our room is a high risk room which getting flooded by random mad users . Thanks to FrogFuzion you guys helped us a lot! Keep up the good work. More power mga kababayan!

We have tested all DDOS Protected servers yet all of them failed to protect our room which gets flooded daily by our haters. Thanks to FrogFuzion you guys helped us a lot. The webcam/audio streaming are high quality and the the protection is just awesome! Thank you guys keep it up!

Simply d' Best!
With our Three Years’ experience all throughout Camfrog, I have never encountered any server that meets my requirements and surpasses my expectations unlike FF Hosting. No other Camfrog Hosting can ever match FF Host Teams. Great Job!

by _TAMBAYAN_NG_MGA_PANGET_, October 22, 2013
Happy And Contented, 24/7 Satisfied!

nice server
by _C_H_A_T_M_A_T_E_S_, October 21, 2013
A very reliable server, 24/7 support from the server. They're always there when you have a problem. Nice server

Reliable Staff/Team
100% Uptime , Support team are always online 24/7 and responds to us very fast.

by NAUGHTY_ANGELS, October 16, 2013
The No. 1 Camfrog Server. No downtime . They respond to support very fast and the admins are very friendly.

by xCHA_THE_CYBERZ_H0T_ANGELZ_CHAx, October 16, 2013
The best service. 10/10 up-time. More power !!

Happy and satisfied
by 00x__PINAGSAMANG__PWERSA__x00, October 13, 2013
FrogFuzion Review : Uptime : 10/10 Support : 10/10 Latency and streaming : 10/10 Prices : 10/9 It is very hard to run a Top 1 camfrog room on CAMFROG yet FrogFuzion has help us a lot with ddos attackers/flooders everywhere. We are very satisfied with the uptime and support. Keep up the good work

Best service ever!
by x_TOp_SpOT_x, October 13, 2013
Nice service the admin is very friendly, good support, no downtime all this for a good price!

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