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by World_Peace_Pakistan, November 07, 2015
Perfect service !!! Thanks you :)

by 0_LOVE_STATION_0, October 15, 2015
best cds and stability

by Xx_Up2You_xX, October 11, 2015
I'm very happy with this Host, very fast and good service xD

by Oo_Yes_llu_uou_oO, October 11, 2015
Best CDS of Camfrog i'm very happy.

by FreeStyle_Old_and_New_Musics, October 11, 2015
very satisfied <3 love u

by _RSiam_, October 11, 2015
Good ,fast service and very fair . Thanks you Sis :)

by Amazing_41vip, August 25, 2015
Fair, Not expensive, Great Service ^^ THx

Super and Duper
by 0N2, August 10, 2015
hosting veryyyy verrrry goood .. never use a hosting like this. super secure and full protected from DDOS attacks ... and support also amazing. they are full professional. thanksssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

by x_Good_Girls_Gone_Really_Bad_x, August 07, 2015
Been with a lot of hosts in the past, these guys are the best 100%. Great room, great protection, great customer support and consistent with it.Cheers for lookin after us!

Best CDS provider
by xx_Hacienda_Ni_Ina_xx, July 15, 2015
Have been over a year and the service is excellent . I strongly advice if you choose your provider it should be the fortknoxhostingsolutions ! I am so happy thank you Mrs_Weed and Mr_Weed ! Sooo Guys choose fortknoxhostingsolutions.

by Insane_Friends_Lounge, June 15, 2015

Amazing experience...
by Do_Drop_Inn, June 09, 2015
Was never so pleased as with this great company...

spot on, professional and caring
by xOx_TroPiCaLcLub_xOx, May 30, 2015
Very impressed room runs perfect, the after care is amazing, previous guy was a nightmare room lagged, and we lost alot of users. Our room now is very stable, we have noticed a very big difference, audio very clear and no cams blurring. fortknoxhostingsolutions :) YOU ROCK !!

by _Triple_G_, May 28, 2015
Great company.. Our best choice...

Couldn't be better...
by _TheVoice_, May 28, 2015
Our best choice...

by Xx_Yes_llu_uou_xX, May 28, 2015
Very Goood Service, Fair, Not expensive.

Absolutely great
I am not too experienced as room owner, but this ppl really make it easy for me. Fast, reliable, trouble free, and most important, very friendly and professional. Thanx for great service guys <3

Excellent CDS
by Sit_Room, May 20, 2015
Fair price, Best service I vouch for them, you can buy any service from them Strong Server

by TH35+, May 17, 2015
Best CDS Provider , not expensive

by Global_Chat_N_Friendship, May 17, 2015
Been with Fortnox in the past and they were fab, we are back with them now and they are still fab... great service and great servers... can not fault them... Fortnox will always be No1 *thumbs up*

Very goood
by Shadow_of_Heaven, May 17, 2015
Very Goood Service .. and server are very goood ... and their support also very good .. always help us in problem ..

Great Company...
by Drop_Zone, May 16, 2015
A great company, with great people...

by Thai_Lao, May 14, 2015
Perfect CDS !!! Thanks you :)

by 36up_karaoke_x18x, May 14, 2015
Fair, Not expensive, great quality and great service Thanks you.

by 30UP_INTER_MUSIC, May 14, 2015
Good and fast service. Thanks you :) love you guys

by ESARN_Smile, May 14, 2015
Best CDS , Great service and very fair ^^

by oxX__single__Xxo, April 22, 2015
I have to say I personally have been hosting for 7 years, I finally gave it up because I cannot compete with these cloud server rooms!. They have great prices and 99% lag free! The owner's are very courteous and take care of any issue's immediately!! Thank you so much for you great service !!

Top hosting company, they never fail to deliver
Have been with these guys a few month now an their quality of services never fail me. If only camfrog was setup as good as fortknoxhostingsolutions, I'm sure it would be a lot more stable :) Room is always online VIA fortknox cannot recommend these people enough!!

by 0nline24h, April 04, 2015
Good and fast service, best CDS of Camfrog

Best cf host by far.
by Good_Girls_Gone_Bad, April 03, 2015
The only guys i'll use, these guys never fail to deliver, I recommend everyone to them because they are like tina turner said 'simply the best!' 10/10. Thanks for lookin after me xx

Great services...
by o0_Iptt_Chill_Zone_0o , March 30, 2015
Great services, best I 've ever had...

allways been happy with fortknox
by GANGSTERS__PARADISE, March 27, 2015
fortknox is far the best for stability and reliability on camfrog i wouldnt use anyone else

by _backroom_, March 26, 2015
Outstanding service.... fast, reliable, always willing to help, and most important.. very friendly ppl. Keep on good work guys. LOVE U

by MidnightMusiciansCafe, February 28, 2015
I've had this room nearly 10 years and its the most stable server yet

by DAKDAKAN_AT_MUSIKAHAN, February 25, 2015
Congratulations... Great service and support, too. We are stuck on this company...

by TH3_MISF1TS, January 06, 2015

by TH3_MISF1TS, January 06, 2015

by X_SH@W_T!ME_X, December 07, 2014
the best server and i liked it thanks for protected me

Best of the best, by far!
by _dithers_n_crew_, December 06, 2014
I have been with a few and Weed is the man! Don't waste your time or money elsewhere.

Excellent Service
by Generation__X, December 06, 2014
fortknoxhostingsolutions is the best hosting service out there and I love them :)

great service enjoying it
by D_F_Z, December 05, 2014
Im so very happy with my cloud room this is a great hoster I would recommened them to anyone great service

Very Pleased
by oO_St1ckY_S1tuaT1onZ_Oo, November 26, 2014
No down time, no lag and very good service.

very happy
by chat_box, November 20, 2014
Im very happy with fortknoxhostingsolutions an im very happy with my room it is always up an never goes down at all love the hosters good people

Very pleased
by X_ThE_FiGhT_ClUb_X, October 21, 2014
I really enjoy my new room thanks to fortknoxhostingsolutions.The cloud is best I have ever made.

the best ever
by GANGSTERS_PARADISE, September 12, 2014
i have been on fortknox hosting several times now they are the best by far ,,top service anytime you need it

Super Satisfied
by x_high_Voltage_x, September 10, 2014
These guys are great. Good price, reliable & friendly! I've heard nightmares about hosters which is what kept me from setting up my own room but now I know its so easy! .. Especially when dealing with people like WeeD & Mrs_WeeD :D Thxx!

by welsh_valley_off_wales_uk, August 30, 2014
fp ty very much simple and easy well recommended ty :)

Best room host ever
by _KunTz_, August 16, 2014
best server owners, great price, amazingly fast service, friendly, ddos protected, cant rate them enough!

by 420wildnightz, August 13, 2014

by Xx__Show__Girls__xX, July 28, 2014
After a little break we're back :) We don'T even look for other options . Fortknox always provide high quality and fair price! So if you guys want cheap and good service don't hestitate to talk with weed and tara ..

SiMaRiKKiZLaR '!' omer
by Xx_MiLLeRLiGeCeLeR_xX, July 27, 2014
camfrog number one server

Xx_MiLLeRLiGeCeLeR_xX '!' omer
by Xx_MiLLeRLiGeCeLeR_xX, July 27, 2014
best of number one cloud room %100 ddos protection room

Five Star!
by Lombaq, July 24, 2014
Cheap and reliable! all good, i can vouch em! All must to try fortknox!

The Best Around
by OoO_UltraViolet_OoO, July 20, 2014
My contract with NoDramaUK hosting finally ended a week ago; my room was plagued with downtimes, disconnects-many regular users were even unable to join! Now that I'm on a cloud room through FortKnox (endless thanks!!) my room has never been better!

Couldn't ask for more!
by we_own_hell, July 20, 2014
After hosting with NoDramaUK (I say hosting; it really can't even be called that....) I had to find another option what with how unstable my room was. Now I'm on fortknox's infrastructuce and coooouldn't be more pleased!! Never going with another hoster

Hosting at its Finest:)
by earfear_music_lounge, July 17, 2014
After trying many co.'s, (the first being pete's which was a nightmare but that's a diff story), I tried knox's CDS package and couldn't be happier! Perfect uptime, quality, and service- couldn't ask for more:) - FortKnox is #1 in my book!

helpful and good service
ill be looking forward to enjoy the room with friends and other member ...kind and quick response to client .. mrs weed is very helpful

best service
by Kecup_Kecup_Belahan_Nenen, July 13, 2014
this best bigggg cds service, very happy with price to. thank you WeeD and Mrs_WeeD for help me (",)

excellent hosting
by cointreau_n_benson, July 10, 2014
well u have been helpful and they are a good server and recommend to anyone

by Thailand_35+, July 09, 2014
Second time using code from here. Nice and fair. Thanks to Mrs_WeeD for taking care of us.

by WILDNIGHTZZ, July 09, 2014
Cds trial on our sisters company thank you :)

by oXo_Passionate_Babes_oXo, July 06, 2014
100% protected ! If you look cheap and good service don't hesitate to try. Fortknoxhostingsolutions offers best quality of service and price. 100% recommended by me .

Amazing !
by X_Show_Girls_X, July 06, 2014
Best price in the cloud market :) and for this price protection and their service is awesome. Weed and Tara they're kind people! I can vouch them kindly. The best!

by !X!_FirstClass_!X!, July 05, 2014

by BroDes_N_Marleys, June 25, 2014
Hey EVERYONE.I have been on CF 10 yrs, had many rooms, servers, and yes MANY problems.I signed with fortknoxhostingsolutions 1yr ago and I believe, they are second to NONE !!! FANTASTIC COMPANY, FANTASTIC SERVICE , WITH REAL PEOPLE..once again a BIG THANKYOU to Mr & Mrs Weed for everything.!.

Un-Beatable Service, Review By Owner __blacksheep__
by ROOM101, May 27, 2014
Wen frog 1st started 2 PPL other than frog had a server on here, I was one of them with this very room. Frog got shit wit ddosing so I closed it! Recently opened back up this room & can safely say it's a pleasure with these guys Always online, Never offline just like back in the good days of frog!

by The_Best_Friends, May 19, 2014
gr8 and fast service, fortknox have BIGGGG CDS.. i be happy here :)

by X_AbSoluTe_FrEEdOm_X, May 06, 2014
Gonna try this out x So far so good!!! :-)

by tetleys_n_benson, May 02, 2014
fortknoxhostingsolutions are the best :) not a bunch of braggers like others.. if you ave a gr8 business there should be no need to brag so much bout it, service speaks for itself & that's what you get with fortknoxhostingsolutions! Great Service minus the drama :) A++++

back to the best
by MusicChillZone, April 29, 2014
Rented from WeeD & Mrs_WeeD before but explored other hosting providers. Can say these guys are the best without a doubt and that is why Im back here to host again! Cloud Style :D Thanks fortknoxhostingsolutions!

Great Service
by lxl_Party247_lxl, April 25, 2014
Have been with fortknoxhosting for a while on advance server but decided to try their new custom built cloud :) Happy all round with service & quality! Not at all expensive for the remarkable service given. Thanks Guys

by Elite_Squad_Head_Quarters, April 22, 2014
Class A Service, very efficient and very quick set up, room runs excellently, best host I've been with so far, A++++++ very happy

Solid as stone
by Auzzie42o_Castaways, April 21, 2014
Very happy with our room on the cloud, seems very stable :)

by fookingeasy, April 19, 2014
all good and well respect and many thanks :):) 110%

The bests
by JuNKo_Y4mADa, April 07, 2014
I've been renting room in camfrog with different servers but this is the best server ever and my room name is III_Tropang_Pinoy_III the longest Filipino room in camfrog

by The__Mad__Mansion, April 06, 2014
I have been with this company for 3 years, was with addicted hosting and were rubbish, then paedo pete at no drama, should have been all drama, absolute rubbish, now with this company and its the best bar none, superb in every way

Super service
by P0P_Live_HoT_Party_P0P, April 04, 2014
room was online within 5 mintes of paying,super nice people,fast service and 0 problems so far.i wanted 700 user and they gave me great price and set it up special for me...If you want the best forget the rest!!! !

great, fair, affordable but most important STRONG! :)
by 69_THAI_REMIX_69, March 27, 2014
Great and fast service 100% ddos protected :) Fortknox will not be taken down, they have Biggest CDS on CF! 100% Recommended :) TQ Fortknox! <3

Best Services and Support
Rock solid room and stable for these days camfrog. Love to get support that online most of the time. You won't worry about getting ddos attack while protected with the Fortknox. Support is very good and friendly. WeeD rules. No cheating money and can be trusted with realiable hosting.

They're Simply The Best, Better Than All The Rest!! ;)
FULLOFDRAMA spat his dummy out once again over FORTKNOX due to my last review so we'l change it up a little. AVOID "HOSTS" that have to constantly brag bout hw good they are. FortKnox services speaks for itself with 50+ Reps & 50+ Cons :) Others bragging about their "big" 8 rep CDS kkkkkkkkkkk

Excellent By Far
by Drink_Biiitch_Drink, March 08, 2014
Honest, reliable, affordable! They won’t steal ur name & rent it out like NoDrAmaUk! Because I'm only allowed 300Char max on this review I will add a link where you can see my full review on FortKnox! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ojvS8uDFagui5XTQHJrLppHBvEVgkGcZbS6tM551ZoY/edit?pli=1

by _i____LoVe____KTV_________, March 02, 2014
easy and fast.....great job mate~~~~

Pwoerful host :)
by Music_Life, February 27, 2014
Thanks for a good host, fast and good service :D

good service
by ES_FiGhT_RoOm, February 27, 2014
great service.and room

Good Host!
by DOODEEs, February 27, 2014
Good and fast service , good help :)

Can't Fault FortKnox
by Xx_d0nT_KiLL_mY_ViB3_xX, February 25, 2014
I opened a room in general section with FortKnox was so happy & pleased with the service I got from Mr & Mrs WeeD that I decided to open another in the 18+ section! These guys really stick to their word & are really fair :-) They have my vouch all day!

by UKz_Soundhouse_UKz, February 25, 2014
Perfect Would Be An Understatement For This Company. Vary Happy With This New Cloud Based Server, And Customer Service Is Exceptional. Treated As A Friend And Not Just A Customer. Thank You Fortknoxhostingsolutions Your The Best ★★★★★

The Best
by _FaLleN_AnGeLs_, February 25, 2014
My Room got constant DDOS. Told of FORTKNOX, hesitant at first, but definitely not now. We get DDOS now & stay where we are.This company keeps its word.The best company for your money & to keep u up and running. Any issues Mr. and Mrs. Weed will be there to help you and get you running smoothly.

The best
by drama_central, February 24, 2014
I have used multiple severs on cam frog, i have found fortknoxhostingsolutions to be the most reliable fair and undestanding server - always accesible and willing to solve any issues that were to arise i rate it A PLUS for reliability. ABSOLUTELY NO GLITCHES !

Amazing! :)
by Xx__Show__Girls__xX, February 10, 2014
Fair price, Best service :) I vouch fortknoxhostingsolutions, you can buy any service from them ..We're satisfied..

by streetcrime, January 29, 2014
Best CDS Provider no doubt fortknoxhostingsolutions.com

Loving FortKnox :-)
by d0nT_KiLL_mY_ViBe, January 09, 2014
Fair, Not at all expensive, great quality and also great people in general to host from.. Happy with my room! Thanks fortknoxhostingsolutions

by S1ngle_Aga1n, January 09, 2014
soooo happy with my new cloud room :-) you guys are AWESOME!! <3

excellent hosting
by slags_n_tarts, January 04, 2014
Have just purchased one of the new CDS cloud rooms, we were under constant attacks from CF kids and their kiddie booters.. Thanks to fortknoxhostingsolutions our room is now stable :) affordable & safe! 100% recommended :)

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